SAE Europe Trainings

As the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering, SAE International strives to provide learning solutions that are designed to meet the educational and training needs of technical professionals around the world. The trainings that SAE Europe provides come in different formats and revolve around a variety of topics, to best meet the market’s needs and demands.

Browse our resource guides to discover the full scope of SAE Training & Education:

Public Trainings

SAE Europe organises a variety of public trainings around specific topics in various locations in Europe, so that experts can come together. The public trainings are the perfect package to learn, network and share best practices with your peers.

In-House Trainings

Want to save on travel costs? Have us come to your company to train your people!

In-house trainings are held in company premises in order to educate, develop or improve employees’ skills, at the request of the company.
If you are interested in training your employees on a specific topic, feel free to contact Annemarie Weise, she will get back to you with all the information.

DPRV Trainings

The Common Training for DPRV Personnel training is in high demand and is offered in various formats. Satisfying both AS13001 and AS9117 standards education requirements, you can request it as an in-house training or click here to find out where the next public training will take place.

Online Trainings

Whether you want to

  • gather basic understanding of a topic before attending an in-depth face-to-face meeting
  • study conveniently from your home office
  • deepen your knowledge on a specific topic

Then online trainings is the best way to go! Click here to browse the SAE online training catalogue.


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